Well now …

I don’t actually have much to say except HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’ve stepped into a new decade and I couldn’t stand the notion of not having written anything yet on this side of 2020. A new decade … My fourth one on this planet. I’ve always been good at plotting stories, but when it comes to my own life things have never quite followed the intended structure. Maybe my life editor is a bit of a lazy one? Or really enjoys the unexpected? It’s definitely been an adventure.

Anyhow, last year was a bit of a milestone on the writing front. A new play of mine was finally sent out on tour and according to reports from the theatre and the media things are going well. That makes me really happy because the themes of the play are very close to my heart. I just hope the audience members are better at following the play’s suggested advice than I am! I wrote the bloody thing and I still find myself struggling on a daily basis. It’s definitely one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of situations. But it’s hard sometimes. Luckily my audience is young, and clever, and they won’t have learnt silly behavioural patterns for almost four decades. Four! (But I’ve also heard that old dogs actually can learn new tricks so don’t count me out just yet ….)

Right, everyone raise their glasses, coffee cups and sustainable water bottles and help me wish us all a “HAPPY 2020!” May it be a good one.

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