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Below you can read a bit more about my work and the talented people I collaborated with to make it happen.

Part of the poster for The Happiness Manifesto.

Lyckomanifestet / Onnen manifesti

Produced by Touring Theatre Taimine

Premerie September 2019

Director: Oskar Silén
Actors: Mikael Strömberg and Jonna Nyman
Coreographer: Riina Huhtanen
Visual design: Lars Idman
Producer: CG Wentzel

A play for 13-19 year olds asking the big questions: How do we want to live? How do we become happy? And who defines what success is?

⭐⭐⭐⭐ “How do you get an auditorium full of teenagers focused and quiet? You tell them stories about their own reality. That’s the kind of story touring theatre Taimine’s new play, Onnen manifesti, tells this autumn.” Laura Kytölä, Helsingin Sanomat (My own translation.)

Artwork: Lars Idman

Photo of two characters cuddling on a sofa in the play Victory.


Produced by The Nightingale Collective in collaboration with Theatre503 (2015)

Director: Claire Mullane
Actors: Aspen Reiss, Samuel Lawrence, Jenny Wills, Arthur McBain, Claire Petzal (cellist)
Producer: Brian Fenton

Victory Allyn is dead. She died and nobody noticed. Sixteen months later, Matthew and Lorna are haunted by the unanswered question: How could a young, intelligent woman from a seemingly good home melt into the carpet?

“… what it lacks in ebullience, it makes up for in vision and the courage to go where many seasoned playwrights would fear to tread. … Victory marks the first of many adventurous productions by the Nightingale Collective and Malm as a talent to watch.” Female Arts Magazine

Photo: Mathew Foster

Cover of my novel Falskt spel.

Falskt Spel (novel)

Published by Schildts & Söderströms (2005)

Mia wants nothing more than to become a professional musician and she can’t believe her luck when she’s accepted to a prestigious residential music academy.

Having always been the odd girl at school, Mia suddenly has to get used to being “normal” and having friends. She’s also on unchartered waters when not just one, but two guys show interest in her. There’s more to the rivalry than first meets the eye and as the academy prepares for a high-stake music competition, tension builds, rules break and relationships are tested.

“Madicken Malm has an eye for the comedic and the self-ironic … … I read this in an evening and half the night with great pleasure.” Iris Backlund, Östra Nyland (newspaper)

Cover: Jenny Haapimaa

Eruption and Nineteen

Short plays performed at Theatre503 (Rapid Write Response, 2014) and Theatre N16 (Shorts (and Songs), Paint Dry Theatre Co, 2015).

Director: Claire Mullane
Actors: Lydia King, Christopher Jamieson

Taking care of a baby can be hard work. Going back to work can also be hard. In the small hours of the night, young mum Jenny is convinced that even the end of the world might be a better option than returning to the office for a second week.

Director: Claire Mullane
Actors: George Jovanovic, Nick Downes

19-year-old Sam has decided to leave home and travel to the Middle East as an aid worker. On the evening of Sam’s departure David knows it’s his last chance to stop his son from going. The tentative confrontation grows as both men edge closer to their true feelings.

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