The Premiere Trip

What’s motionless and doesn’t breath?
A playwright watching the premiere of a play she wrote. (Or is that just me?) I hadn’t been present at the rehearsals of Lyckomanifestet so I felt very much like a “normal” audience member not quite knowing what to expect. Luckily I left the theatre having both laughed with the characters and felt compassion for them. A huge thank you to actors Jonna and Micke who fluently weaved in and out of 9 characters in no less than 2 languages!

Also a big thank you to Theatre Taimine‘s director Oskar who made it his mission to create a fast paced, bonkers play with heart. Attempting to speak to 13 to 19 year olds in the home environment of their schools can provide its own challenges, but I hope the play can inspire some important conversations wether the play itself was to their liking or not.

After the show we all assembled in the theatre’s lovely home location and celebrated the start of an extensive tour around Finland. I’m in awe of the energy and commitment it will demand of the actors but I also hope they’ll have a great time with some meaningful encounters with the audience. In addition I got to meet the others in the team, for example the choreographer and set designer, which was great fun. Please see here for full details.

Before leaving Helsinki again on Friday I had the pleasure to visit Radio Vega (YLE) to do a live chat with presenter Hannah Norrena about playwriting, the new play and my life in London. Together with a couple newspaper interviews, that’s the extent of media I’ve done this autumn so far. Now we just have to wait for the reviews …

Have a lovely Sunday!

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